New Unit of Measure and Update (UMA), applicable as of February 1, 2024
New Unit of Measure and Update (UMA), applicable as of February 1, 2024

On January 09, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, [in Spanish: el Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía] (INEGI), published the daily, monthly, and annual values of the New Unit of Measure and Update, [in Spanish: la Unidad de Medida y Actualización] (UMA), the same that will come into force as of February 1 of the current year. Their values are as follows: 

It is important to note that the percentage increase in the values of the Unit of Measure and Update (UMA) regarding their present value in 2023 was 4.66%.

The UMA is the unit of account, index unit, base unit, unit of measurement, or economic reference in pesos for assessing the payment amount of the obligations and provisions as set forth in federal and state laws, as well as in the judicial provisions arising from the former; some of which are listed below:

• Assessment of employer/worker dues.

• What applies to the calculation of the Daily Contribution Wage, [in Spanish: el Salario Base de Cotización] (SBC), that is mentioned in Article 27 of the Social Security Act, [in Spanish: La Ley de Seguro Social] (LSS), as well as the upper limit of the Daily Contribution Wage, according to the provisions of Article 28 of the Social Security Act.

• Exemptions that are applicable to the calculation of Income Tax on wages and earnings.

• Assessment of penalties for defaults in employer-related obligations.

As previously stated, this increase will have a major impact on the financial health of companies. Consequently, it is highly recommended that an analysis be performed in order to assess such an impact. 

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