Flash News - News of the week in CR about the impact on prices, purchase of dollars, 100% virtual companies and low basic rate
Flash News - News of the week in CR about the impact on prices, purchase of dollars, 100% virtual companies and low basic rate

CR Hoy Newspaper 

Warning about the impact on prices and jobs if VAT increases in the agricultural sector

Recommendation from the OECD to increase Value-Added Tax rates on agricultural supplies would raise the price of agricultural products and threaten jobs. 




Is it profitable to buy dollars today just to sell them later on?

Faced with a decline in the exchange rate, they recommend buying and selling them in the medium-term, (two or three years), if you want to generate revenue.




ABC asks BCCR to ensure data security regarding exchange transactions

Confronted with the new requirement of cross-referencing that will come into effect as of April 2024, relating to the identification of clients who carry out the purchase and sale of dollars at the teller window, the Costa Rican Banking Association, [in Spanish: la Asociación Bancaria Costarricense], asks that individual data be properly managed and stored.




El Observador Newspaper

Must remote companies that work remotely 100% have a business and operating license? 

Authorities from the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Commerce and the Ministry of Health, [in Spanish: Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Comercio and Ministerio de Salud respectively], indicate that small and midsize remote companies, (Pymes) in Costa Rica, even when they work virtually, must comply with the same performance requirements and operating licenses as those which are brick-and-mortar.




La Nación Newpaper 

The base rate declines again and racks up nine consecutive reductions

The primary interest rate of reference for loans in colones continues to decline. 




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