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New graduates:

It's time to take charge and ask yourself: what will be the next step?

At JA Del Río, we want to be part of that strategic move in your life. If you are looking for steady growth, challenges, work-life balance, and a well-paid job to find success and grow as a professional, you're in the right place.

Here we all team up to grow together!


We firmly believe that an organizational culture should offer significant benefits, encompassing mental and economic health as integral components of everyone's professional development. Therefore, we have incorporated the following benefits:

  • Half-day off on Fridays.
  • Ongoing skill training.
  • Regular professional updates.
  • Benefits exceeding legal requirements.
  • Competitive salaries.
  • Digital home office options.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with world-class clients.
  • Medium-term growth prospects within the company.
  • Wellbeing programs.

As a team we value and reward your work, not only with a good salary but with acknowledgment.

Agreements with universities:

Each year we reinforce our alliances with these universities with which we have agreements because we are continually looking for the best talent.

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Job Fair JA Del Río

Costo: $0 MXN
Job Fair JA Del Río

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Accountant's Day in Mexico

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Costa Rica
Accountant's Day in Costa Rica

Costo: $0 MXN
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