Business Process Solutions (BPS)
Accounting outsourcing and finance services
Accounting outsourcing and finance services

Services tailored to your needs, using different ERP systems.

  • We can keep the accounting of your company in its entirety or as advisers to your internal accountant.
  • We speak your language: Our reports can be done in English, applying US GAAP or international accounting principles under IFRS.
  • We can use your reports and adapt them to the format of your preference.
  • We can convert your accounting to the currency of your choice.
  • When your company reaches a certain volume of operation, we can train and supervise your internal accounting team.
  • Due Diligence.
Global mobility for expatriate employees
Global mobility for expatriate employees

We prepare a mirror payroll for foreign collaborators, which facilitates compliance with your tax obligations, both in their countries of origin and in Colombia.

We support you with:

  • Mirror payroll and allocation structure.
  • Analysis of your expatriates’ tax residence.
  • Implementation or review of international allocation policies and tax protection (tax equalization policy).
  • Determining the Estimated Cost of an Assignment from a tax point of view, both in the country of origin and the country of destination.
  • Advice on derived tax implications the start of an assignment, depending on its duration, salary payment structure and employee benefits, among others.
  • Preparation of monthly, annual, and informative declarations of the employee’s taxes on assignment.
  • Other procedures like: Application for electronic signature, registration with tax authorities, and social security.

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Payroll and Social Security
Payroll and Social Security

Punctuality, legality, and transparency

Registration, calculation, and consulting, which provide equity and justice.

Count on us to:

  • Prepare payroll calculations.
  • Calculate taxes (withholding at the source) regarding labor payments.
  • Carry out social security and parafiscal calculation.
  • Provide consultancy and carry out special projects to structure benefit packages.


Additionally, we manage expat taxes in Colombia, according to your configuration, for example, through a mirror payroll for the Colombian company.

CFO, a strategic advisor
CFO, a strategic advisor

To maintain balance in this strategic area of your company, in case you do not have a financial director, or he/she is temporarily absent, the outsourcing a CFO is the perfect solution for companies seeking financial consulting at this level.

Some of the most recurring CFO outsourcing services are:

  • Review of financial statements.
  • Consulting: US GAAP | IFRS, and others.
  • Setting up of the finance-accounting department
  • Analysis of key performance indicators, KPI.
  • Budgets, projections, and reports.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Preparation for audits.
Treasury management
Treasury management

Depending on the operation of your company, we can help with the following tasks:

  • Configuration of payments and payroll related taxes.
  • Configuration of payments to suppliers.