Tax consulting
Tax consulting

International taxes have become relevant in every transaction, this is why it is so important to have expert advice.

This service includes tax advice on:

  • Taxes regarding domestic and cross-border transactions.
  • The application of double taxation agreements.
  • The requests for balances of favor generated in the different taxes.
  • Transactions, as well as the management of your expatriates.
  • Permanent consulting.
  • Initial evaluation from a fiscal and financial perspective, of the implications of any project, such as investment and public tenders, among others.
  • Due diligence projects.
  • Tax diagnostic work.
Labor consulting - UGPP
Labor consulting - UGPP

Our preventive service will help you know if the contributions and payments made for social security and parafiscals comply with the rules and regulations in force.

Identify if you are correctly paying the contributions to the social security system and parafiscals. Our consultancy consists of:

  • Verifying the nature of social security and parafiscal payments and contributions.
  • Reviewing the adequate logging of updates and their considerations in the determination of social security and parafiscal payments.
  • Delivering a checklist to verify compliance with employees.
  • Recommending action plans to mitigate possible risks and thus generate security in your processes.
  • Advising the client on the management and custody of supports for needs.
Corporate restructuring
Corporate restructuring

Our firm has participated in various operations involving transactions or restructuring at the national and international levels. We always take care to optimize the financial and tax effects of these movements for our clients.

Our services include advising on mergers, spin-offs, acquisitions, and group restructurings, considering the national and international tax regulatory framework, financial aspects, cash repatriation needs, and relevant commercial considerations.

We provide complete transaction support services, in addition to the day-to-day support, which includes national and international tax advice (incoming and outgoing) and transactions that cover various jurisdictions in the Latin American region, thanks to our alliance with the Praxity network.

Financial consulting
Financial consulting

We give you peace of mind to take the success of your company step by step.

Count on our full support to face obstacles in finance and detect business opportunities with our advanced analytics and predictive models.

We offer you:

Consulting in financial operations, which will allow you
• streamline your processes • optimize the technology implemented in your company for financial processes • have greater control and quality and lower costs • minimize your financial risk, including exchange rate, interest rate, counterparty credit, and primary products.

Financial risk consulting, is achieved by implementing processes, models, data, technology, and reports during your company’s operations.

IFRS Consulting
IFRS Consulting

We advise your company on:

  • Preparation of the accounting policies manual under IFRS (Full or for SMEs).
  • The implementation of accounting policies.
  • The effects of policy changes and their updating.
  • Attention to doubts about regulatory changes.