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RefriAmericas Returns To Miami With 20th Anniversary Event For Latam HVAC Industry
2024-07-19 14:45:00
RefriAméricas 2024 promises to be an unforgettable experience, combining learning, innovation, and celebration.......
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Interview: Glencore’s Cerrejón Director Makes the Case for the Coal Mine’s ESG Efforts in Colombia
2024-07-02 06:40:00
"We, today, have a commitment — and it is to make the most of the entire Cerrejón operation from the standpoint of the people."......
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Cartagena Selected to Host Upcoming UN Tourism Executive Council Meeting
2024-07-02 06:09:00
Colombia's Caribbean tourism jewel beat out second-place vote getter, the Bahamas, by a 21 to 11 margin.......
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Report: Retailers in Latin America Stand to Benefit as Inflation and Interest Rates Fall in the Region
2024-07-01 14:57:00
"In response to these market dynamics, companies are striving for a more balanced strategy between growth and profitability," said Fitch Ratings.......
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US State Department Puts Up Millions in Reward Money to Help Capture Clan del Golfo Leaders Involved in Human Smuggling
2024-07-01 09:09:00
"Today’s three reward offers support law enforcement efforts in Colombia, Panama, and the US to disrupt the exploitive treatment of migrants."......
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Colombia’s Coca Substitution Program Hindered by Criminal Groups and Government Inaction
2024-07-01 06:42:00
Previously, FARC dominated the coca market in areas they controlled. Since the group disarmed, other criminal groups have failed to establish the same level of control.......
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Colombian Agricultural Exports Spiked by 22.9% in April Year over Year
2024-06-30 23:39:00
Bananas exports showed the largest growth (100.3%) followed by coffee (22.7%) and flowers (22.4%).......
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CINTEL Launches Smart City Innovator Awards to Recognize Those Shaping the Future
2024-06-30 23:08:00
“This award was designed to promote a smart, innovative, and inclusive city model in which technology can be measured as a benefit for people."......
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Avianca Tightens Dimension Restrictions for Carry-On Personal Items
2024-06-30 15:34:00
Anyone boarding flights will now have to keep their personal items to a maximum of 45 x 35 x 20 cm (17.7 x 13.8 x 7.9 inches).......
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Colombia Central Bank Exhibits Dereliction of Duty in Failing to Accelerate Pace of Rate Cuts
2024-06-29 14:55:00
Colombian Finance Minister Ricardo Bonilla must be pulling his remaining hair out.......
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