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  • Request to create or renew the e.signature through the Internet.

    On June 30, 2020, the Tax Administration Service [in Spanish: el Servicio de Administración Tributaria] (SAT), issued the 2nd Resolution on Amendments concerning the Periodic Amendments to the Tax Law for the 2020 Fiscal Year (Third advanced version), which foresees a series of provisions whose purpose is to simplify taxpayers their compliance with their tax obligations.

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  • Webinar: Digital Economy in Mexico and its impact on residents abroad

    Derived from the Mexican Tax Reform 2020, new rules came into force for non-Mexican digital service providers with or without Permanent Establishment.

    • General Background
    • VAT on digital services
    • VAT and Income Tax on digital services
    • Business Model Scenarios

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  • “Update of Partners or Shareholders” Notice

    As part of the 2020 Tax Reform, various provisions related to the obligation to submit to the Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC) an “Update of partners or shareholders” notice were added to the Federal Tax Code (CFF), which will apply only to legal entities resident in Mexico.

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