• Services

    We help companies to do business in Latin America through our services in the areas of assurance & auditing, finance, tax and labor.

  • Helping companies do business in Latin America

    We provide an objective and comprehensive understanding of the difficulties foreign companies face in adapting to the Latin American business environment.

Assurance & Audit Services

The audit of financial statements based on risk identification is an efficient process that reflects a global vision of your company and aims to ease strategic decision making.

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We offer an integrated service, adapted specifically to your company, our experience will help you reduce risks in your organization as well as strengthen processes.

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Financial Statements according to US GAAP or IFRS, in English and the currency of your choice, billing, accounts payable, setting up bank accounts.

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Most likely, the local labor laws will be different from those in your country. We will always be available to answer your questions and to find solutions to any problem that may arise.

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