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COVID-19 Weekly update 04/03/2020 Colombia

Date: 2020/04/03

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Through this flash, we detail the main regulatory changes that have occurred in the last week as a result of the state of emergency, which Colombia finds itself as a result of COVID-19.

Corporate issues

Through Resolution 100-001101 of March 31st, 2020, the Superintendency of societies dictated and adopted measures to guarantee the care of its services within the framework of the State of Economic, Social, and Ecological Emergency and Mandatory Preventive Isolation.

Resolution 100-001101 of March 31st, 2020

2. Through Circular 100-000004 of March 24th, 2020, the Superintendency of Societies clarified that it is not possible to hold ordinary meetings of the highest corporate body in its own right on April 1st.

Circular 100-000004 of March 24th, 2020

Labor Issues

1. The Ministry of Labor, through Circular 27 of March 29th, 2020, established the measures to prevent abuses derived from coercion for the signing of unpaid licenses.

Circular 27 of March 29th, 2020

Tax Issues

1. The Bogotá Department of the Treasury issued resolution 000177 through which suspends the terms in the processes carried out by the Bogotá District Tax Office and the District Collection Office of the District Treasury Department.

Resolution 000177 of March 24th, 2020

2. The DIAN, through resolution 00030 of March 29th, 2020, discloses the emergency measures to guarantee the attention and provision of services by this entity, within the framework of the State of Economic Emergency, Social and Ecological.

DIAN Resolution 00030 of March 29th, 2020

3. The Mayor's Office of Medellín, through resolution 20200032448632 of March 24, partially modified the tax calendar of the 2020 period.

Resolution 2020032448632 of March 24th, 2020

Summary of measures

Through this link, you will find the summary of the government authorities about COVID-19 / See Document.

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